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You’ve Got Questions.

Joe Has Answers.

Why was Water Joe created?

Water Joe was developed in 1996 as the brainchild of, a college student, who didn’t like coffee or colas, but wanted something to drink to help him stay awake and study. He knew that everything starts with an idea… he thought, why not put caffeine in water? Read more about Joe.

Where is Water Joe produced?

Water Joe is produced and bottled in the heart of the Midwest in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin by Water Joe, not a 3rd party!

I’m allergic to EVERYTHING. Is Water Joe safe for me to drink?

As long as you’re not allergic to water or caffeine, you should be fine!

Is Water Joe Gluten-Free?

Yes! Water Joe is simply water infused with a kick of caffeine!

Does Water Joe use diet sweeteners?

NO! Water Joe is literally just water (H20) + caffeine!

Is Water Joe good for kids to drink?

We won’t try to parent for you… but caffeine consumption for kids isn’t recommended by the Mayo Clinic (and let’s be honest… they are the experts). The Mayo Clinic also recommends limiting caffeine intake for adolescents to no more than 100mg per day (a 20 oz. bottle of Water Joe has 70 mg of caffeine and a 1L bottle had 120 mg of caffeine). Read more about caffeine consumption from the Mayo Clinic.

What sizes does Water Joe come in?

Water Joe comes in 3 sizes, 20oz., 700ml and 1L., so you can choose which one helps you keep up with whatever life throws at you.

Does Water Joe come in a multi-pack?

Yes, the 20oz bottles come in a 12 pack available at most large grocery stores. Click here to Find Joe.

Can I get Water Joe sent to my home?

Yes! Click here and we’ll send Joe right to your door!

How much caffeine is in a bottle of Water Joe?

There is 70mg of caffeine in the 20oz bottle of Water Joe, 85mg in our 700 ml bottle and 120mg in our 1L bottle.

What is the caffeine equivalent of a 20 oz. bottle of Water Joe?

Although it varies by brand, 1 – 20 oz. bottle of Water Joe has approximately the same amount of caffeine as a 8 oz. cup of tea, a 12 oz. soft drink, and a 8 oz. cup of Joe (coffee).

What is the caffeine equivalent of a 700 ml bottle of Water Joe?

Again, it varies but a 700ml bottle of Water Joe has approximately the same amount of caffeine as a medium cup of tea, medium soft drink or a medium of Joe (coffee).

What is the caffeine equivalent of a 1L. bottle of Water Joe?

Well, you guessed it… it varies, but a 1L bottle of Water Joe has approximately the same amount of caffeine as a large cup of tea, large soft drink or a large of Joe (coffee).

Why is the Water Joe bottle and cap thinner than the previous packaging?

You might not like it, but Mother Nature sure does. To be frank… it makes Water Joe lighter, leaner, and greener. Less plastic = better environment. Nuff’ said. If you need something heavier, just throw your Joe into a heavy-duty reusable water bottle and recycle the original.

Why doesn’t Water Joe sell flavored caffeinated water

Maybe we’re purists at heart or maybe we want to just focus on 1 great product. Either way, we’re leaving the power to you to customize your Joe in your hands. If you need a little flavor to enjoy Water Joe, we suggest infusing it with fresh fruit (check out this great blog with tons of recipes, just add Water Joe!) or adding your favorite flavor enhancer!

Where can I buy Water Joe?

Funny you should ask… we have a pretty cool Water Joe locator on this site so you can find Joe near you by simply entering your zipcode.  You can find Water Joe at over 10,000 locations nationwide – click here to Find Joe!

My local retailer doesn’t carry Water Joe, how I can get it locally?

Don’t fret! We can help. If you can’t find Water Joe at your local retailer, you can download our Water Joe Request Form and return to your favorite local retailer!

Is there a healthy amount of caffeine consumption?

The Mayo Clinic recommends limiting your daily caffeine consumption to 400 mg per day in total from all sources. Please drink Water Joe responsibly and limit yourself to a maximum of five (5) 20 oz. bottles or three (3) 1L bottles per day.   A 20 oz. bottle of Water Joe contains 70 mg of caffeine and the 1L bottle contains 120 mg of caffeine. Water Joe is not recommended for individuals under 18 years of age, pregnant or nursing women, or for those sensitive to caffeine, or those with heart problems.

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